Sanber operates in the sector for phenolic impregnated cardboard and paper honeycomb


for self-supporting panels, doors, building, insulation, cooling systems for poultry farms and greenhouses. The structure is ideal thanks to its self-supporting and lightweight properties and is resistant to attacks by mould and insects.

Paper honeycomb is used in a wide variety of sectors where light and solid panels are required with perfect levels offering stability over time, such as sandwich panels for furniture, kitchens, window and door frames in plywood, wood fibre panels and plastic laminates

The company also specialises in the production of:

Fibrocement panels for building, enamelled sheet metal, plastic materials, reinforced polyester.

Fire protection insulated panels with class 1 foam.

Panels for water cooling towers and similar applications.

Thanks to a specialised design and consulting department, we are able to create solutions in line with client requests, specifically designed for any particular sector.