Sanber operates in the sector for phenolic impregnated cardboard and paper honeycomb


FENOLSANBER - isolante ignifugo fonoassorbente

An additional use
Thanks to its intrinsic properties, cardboard honeycomb produced by Sanber is used in the widest variety of sectors:

• construction of furniture

• systems insulation

• construction of doors and door and window frames

• production of laminates...

However cardboard honeycomb is particularly suited for the production of panels for thermal and sound insulation and insulated fire protection panels with class 1 foam.

How fire retardant honeycomb panels work
The aim of these panels is in fact to provide maximum resistance against a potential fire, in order to contain its spread into other environments, thereby increasing the time available for interventions intended to put the fire out.

Sanber in Alessandria produces insulated fire protection panels with class 1 foam, which offer the best guarantees for:

• insulation and resistance in the event of a fire

• blocking the spread of toxic fumes, which in these circumstances pose a more serious danger than the flames themselves

In addition to insulated fire protection panels, the company also produces panels for water cooling towers and similar applications, as well as different types of insulation.

For further information about insulated fire protection panels by Sanber and their range of products, don't hesitate to contact the company's offices, where staff is always willing to assist you