Sanber operates in the sector for phenolic impregnated cardboard and paper honeycomb



Sanber is located in Casale Monferrato in the province of Alessandria and specialises in paper and cardboard processing. More specifically, Sanber produces and sells phenolic impregnated cardboard and paper honeycomb.

An innovative and versatile product
Sanber was the first Italian company to produce honeycomb panels used to build structures for sandwich panels.

Insulated cardboard and paper honeycomb panels offer a series of benefits:

• lightness of paper

• protection against attacks by mould and insects

• the paper used is also impregnated with phenol to improve the quality of the product

Paper honeycomb is an extremely versatile structure. Depending on the different sizes and basic weight of the paper, as well as the size of the alveolar cell, it can be used for a variety of application and is in fact applied in a wide range of sectors:

• in building for thermal and sound insulation

• construction of furniture

• production of insulated fire protection panels with class 1 foam

• panels for water cooling towers...

Advantages of this product
Sanber produces paper and cardboard insulation panels designed specifically for the installation of air conditioning systems in large poultry farms and greenhouses. This type of system in fact requires an internal air quality created ad hoc, making it necessary for insulation systems which sufficiently maintain the quality of insulation. Sanber specialises in processing paper and cardboard used for the production of honeycomb panels suitable for the insulation of any type of system.