Sanber operates in the sector for phenolic impregnated cardboard and paper honeycomb




Sanber was the pioneer of paper honeycomb, used for the internal structure of different types of panels.

Our industry experience has enabled us to design personalised solutions for every type of use, including the option to create alveolar structures with a personalised cell diameter and basic weight.

Our panels can be used to create self-supporting structures inside panelling used to construct furniture, doors, kitchens, wooden door and window frames and plastic laminates.

Sanber panels guarantee perfect levels, are extremely light, very resistant to attacks by mould and insects and are ideal for products with a long lifespan.

Thanks to its intrinsic properties, paper honeycomb is used in the widest range of sectors, from thermal and sound insulation in the building sector to the construction of furniture, from the creation of insulated fire protection panels with class 1 foam to panels for water cooling towers

Consultation on application of use

Our vast experience in the design and production of honeycomb panels has provided us with a detailed knowledge about its characteristics, benefits and uses, thereby enabling us to offer our clients a valuable consulting service.

Our technicians will be able to recommend the solution best suited to the product's final use, the environmental conditions in which the product will be installed and the final client.

We can recommend a customised solution for the structure most suited to your needs, producing honeycomb structures with maximum efficiency and reliability.

Sanber will assist you even after your purchase, with efficient after sales assistance for all your needs and issues associated with processing and the use of our products.